Come and draw from the well

Spiritual center operated by the religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A Pilgrimage “in Sophie’s footsteps”

Do you want to take time to grow in friendship with Sophie Barat, or perhaps to have a special encounter with God, as she herself had in this house?
For the “pilgrims”, 3 days is the ideal length of time to follow a complete itinerary in Sophie’s footsteps, visiting the house, just letting yourself be under God’s gaze, following suggestions for prayer, making a review of your life by letting Sophie’s life challenge you, resting and visiting the town…
You could enrich your “pilgrimage” by going to pray at St Thibault’s (the church where Sophie was baptized), taking a “contemplative walk” through the vines (Sophie often quoted the Gospel of the vine), discovering the banks of the Yonne (she left for Paris from there), praying in her room, contemplating the beautiful sampler she embroidered; it hints already at the spirituality of the Sacred Heart…
3 days will give you time to take a deeper look at what the spirituality of the Sacred Heart meant for Sophie, by discovering the root from which it all grew: those first 15 years of her life in Joigny.