Come and draw from the well

Spiritual center operated by the religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Contributing towards the expenses

Accommodation fees: (Sheets and towels provided.)
. Adults: 51€ a day
. Students and young unemployed: 44€ a day.
. Prayer day 25€ (includes midday meal)

Fees for spiritual direction and guided retreats or sessions of several days:
These vary according to the level of the activities (expenses of the animator, location, secretariat).

Individual spiritual direction:
. Adults: 17€ a day
. Students and young unemployed: 12€ a day.

Joining the « Sophie Barat Centre » Association: 5 € a year

To pay by Credit Card :

N.B. These indications are simply reference points for each one’s contribution to the functioning of the Centre. The fees can be adjusted according to your financial situation. The financial aspect should not be an obstacle. Don’t be shy about raising these questions when you enrol.