Come and draw from the well

Spiritual center operated by the religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


“I loved the little houses in a row, the little gardens, easily accessible, each one with a particular character. As for the programme of the retreat, I appreciated the method used, and the progressive entry into prayer. What a great way to teach! There was time for sharing at the beginning, this was an introduction, but there was an invitation to more silence later on. I’m very pleased with what I found, which has increased my desire for closer union with Jesus.” Luc

“To find, find again, feel, lose… these are verbs that can go with the word “Hope”. Yes, you can sometimes find yourself at a dead end, where everything is dark, and joy is absent. You think then that you have lost any hope that things will work out… As for me, I really found that hope again when I made a spiritual retreat, last July.” Marie

“It was my first taste of meditation and companioning according to the Exercises of St Ignatius. I’m still amazed at my vivid experience of God. Thank you!” Jean

“We were expecting something else, but we’re delighted by this special time! During the retreat for couples, we had to do a great deal of work on ourselves. It wasn’t easy, but it was so rewarding! Working together as a couple led us into a beautiful dialogue… It isn’t easy to talk about your shadow side, but I now feel closer to my husband and happy to have been able to lay down my burden… I’m happy that at the heart of the team, there was such a level of trust and prayer. I think we passed an important milestone in sharing.” Cécile, taking part with her husband in a Retreat for couples